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Jerry A. Dykeman   |   08-10-2016

Actually wanted the gold Bowtie,and got the Black instead.Oh well no hard feelings my loss. Wish I could return it if possible.

Jerry A. Dykeman   |   08-10-2016

Iam very disapointed in the product. It isnt what it looks like on the page.Iam trying to send back and getting the 3rd degree.

Janet   |   19-09-2016

I recently found this website and ordered two license plates from her stock offerings but asked if she could make minor modifications to them. Two days later, the plates arrived at my house exactly as I asked. The new license plates were just what I`d hoped for and I was so pleased with how fast the service was. Thank you!

Becca Redmon   |   15-09-2016

I need a black and orange hooters license plate.

Ronnie   |   04-09-2016

Back around 2011 I found Eileen`s website and I asked if she could make a custom plate for my 1965 barracuda, told her the style font for the year and the image that I preferred. Long story short she made me very happy. Later I asked for a second custom plate and she came through again. I brag to people I know that I have the only one like it. All together I have 4 license plates that she produced for me. I read a previous comment about someone`s plate being bent but that has never happened to any plate that I received from her. When she says she`ll do something she does it.

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