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Vickie   |   20-04-2021

Thank You, It is Perfect!!! Tonka color matched license plate

jeff   |   12-04-2021

Received today...Thanks so much, I love it.

Eileen   |   07-04-2021

Derrick I did your request https://www.thelicenseplatesite.com/6821-19-sub-product-Clemson-Boston-College-License-Plate-custom-aluminum-personalized-license-plate-tag.htm

Derrick   |   05-04-2021

I was looking for Clemson and Boston College tag

Greg S. Borgwardt   |   02-04-2021

I wanted to order the ( Support our Troops !) Plate with the U.S. Military Coat of Arms. They were how ever in the wrong order of presidents per military code. I asked if that could be corrected. I sent in the changes required and when i received the plates they were not only corrected but looked great. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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