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Ronnie   |   04-09-2016

Back around 2011 I found Eileen`s website and I asked if she could make a custom plate for my 1965 barracuda, told her the style font for the year and the image that I preferred. Long story short she made me very happy. Later I asked for a second custom plate and she came through again. I brag to people I know that I have the only one like it. All together I have 4 license plates that she produced for me. I read a previous comment about someone`s plate being bent but that has never happened to any plate that I received from her. When she says she`ll do something she does it.

Eileen   |   25-08-2016

Shannon, The post office seldom mishandles my items, you wont be disappointed for long I will send another to you on Friday.

Shannon   |   25-08-2016

The plate arrived looking very much like the letter Z. Flat pieces of aluminum really should be put on stiff card stock before mailing. Very disappointed.

Mark   |   25-08-2016

Hi Eileen, I wanted to say thank you for the license plate, I received it yesterday. It looks great!

JUDY   |   25-05-2016


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